Library and Information Resources

With an array of resources and an expert librarian, The Fulbright Library at Bay ensures that students develop the research and thought skills critical to future-responsive learning. Serving students, staff, and faculty, it provides access to information in a variety of media.


Our library teaches the tools for using information effectively and ethically, promotes reading for pleasure, and provides a space that is warm and inviting, encouraging the flow of intellectual curiosity and discourse.

The 3,000-square-foot space contains over 11,000 books, audiobooks, and DVDs. Upstairs, the mezzanine features private study areas and a “Comfy Chair Room” that boasts over 80 magazines. Subscriptions to online resources including Kanopy, Gale, and ProQuest, Overdrive, and The New York Times give students access to timely information, streaming media, ebooks, and research sources. 

Librarian Rachel Shaw curates the library’s book and electronic resource collections and is a valuable resource when it comes to information literacy and cultivating a culture of reading.  

Students check out books on their own throughout the school day and learn how to find reliable sources that fit their information needs. We encourage faculty, staff, and parents/guardians to do the same!