Bay's counseling program is an important resource for students and their families.


We encourage all students to access our counseling services as needs arise. We know that this may be difficult for some, so our counselors make their expertise available in a variety of ways, working with advisors, deans, and faculty members to ensure that the mental and emotional health of all our students is attended to. 

A specific goal at Bay is to destigmatize, normalize and prioritize the discussion and maintenance of our mental health. We aim to give all in our community access to strategies and resources that can help keep us mindful of our self-care.

Co-Curriculum and Community Education 

All 10th graders take Choices, a one-semester course that helps students navigate issues related to sexuality, drugs and alcohol, social relationships, and decision-making. These classes are taught by the members of the Bay Counseling Office, and they provide parents/guardians with resources to continue the discussions at home in order to support their student’s development.

We understand that the high school years present unique challenges for parents/guardians as well, and we offer education sessions throughout the year to discuss common themes, such as managing work and stress, anxiety, self-care, and peer relationships.

The Counselor’s Corner newsletter is part of the Current, our weekly school newsletter. A specific message for each week is accompanied by bite-size tips on mind-body-spirit wellness. 

Support and Referrals

Bay counselors provide on-site support for a wide variety of social and emotional needs; they have access to a robust network of local resources and can assist with referrals as needed.