Student Support

At Bay, we do all in our power to help all students achieve their potential. 


We offer robust support systems, and our students have access to resources designed to help them succeed both academically and personally. Learn more about student life


Tutorial is The Bay School’s version of office hours—a designated time for students and their teachers to meet. Built into our schedule are multiple opportunities each week to sit down with their teachers individually or in small groups to receive academic support and guidance. Also during this time, students can meet with their advisors, work quietly in the library, or schedule meetings with counselors, deans, or learning specialists. No other school activities are scheduled during this tutorial period, so students can focus on the content and organization of their academic workload.

Advisors and Class Deans

Each student works closely with a member of the faculty or administration who serves as their advisor and advocate in academic and personal matters relating to school life. In addition to getting to know each advisee personally, advisors help students with academic scheduling and, in collaboration with teachers, monitor students’ academic progress. 

Advisors also serve as an important link between home and school.

Students meet weekly with their advisor in small groups and are encouraged to schedule one-on-one time as needed. Parents and guardians are invited to speak with their student’s advisor about any questions or concerns they may have.

Grade-level deans are our big-picture thinkers for each class and take on several key roles. They take the time to understand students from a developmental perspective, create parent education opportunities, and help to coordinate communication between the school and families. They also focus on building community within and across the grades through activities, orientation, and events.