Morning Meeting

"Our goal is to see students unlock their individual and collective potential so they begin to realize their roles in a dynamic world."


Individual and collective potential. The Bay School believes that we better ourselves and each other by not only recognizing our interconnectedness, but furthering it. Morning Meeting supports us in living out this belief.

Three days a week, Bay students and staffulty come together for 20 minutes in the Great Room to begin the day. 

The depth and variety of Morning Meetings make this time something to look forward to, and our alumni tell us over and over that the experience remains a touchstone for them. This practice builds our community and is one of the ways we continually seek to realize our collective potential. 

Some of our recent topics have included:

  • Don't Call Me an Expat
  • Moral Courage
  • The Value of Failure
  • Why Do We Gossip
  • Why I Climb

Mindfulness, Community, Empathy (and Laughs!)

On any given day, you may hear a student or staffulty member speaking about an issue of personal importance, enjoy performances of poetry or jazz, learn about projects happening in courses like the Creative Process or an Immersive, or see work in progress from Senior Signature Projects. And as we have done since our founding, we always take the time for a collective mindfulness practice, creating a space to quiet the mind, focus on our breath, and just “be” as a group. All of this helps us to abide by our precepts and strengthens the bonds between all members of the community.