Welcome from the Head of School

On behalf of our community, welcome to The Bay School.


Over the past few years, I have been struck by the prescient nature of our school’s founding belief that a high school education could do much more than prepare students to hit the usual milestones, that it could in fact equip them to face era-defining challenges with the optimism that is made possible by a problem-solving mindset. 

A particular sentence from our philosophy statement has come to the fore for me: Because Bay understands that life doesn’t come with a syllabus, we instill students with the courage and good humor necessary to flourish in an unpredictable world. We have had many opportunities to see our philosophy put to the test, and I am proud to witness the ways in which our students continue to prove its wisdom.

Student-Centered, Experiential Learning

Bay is genuinely uncommon. Our students delve deeply into complex, real-world issues and creative endeavors. Faculty connect with their students in small classes and as advisors, coaches, and mentors for clubs and affinity groups. Our facilities, schedule, and curriculum are all designed for multidisciplinary and experiential learning, with long class blocks, two Immersive terms per year, and capstone Senior Signature Projects that are months in the making. 

School life is defined by powerful student voices, participation, and leadership.

Students take full advantage of extracurricular, artistic, and athletic opportunities. As they engage in school life and with the wider Bay Area community, they unlock their potential to become powerful, ethical citizens and leaders in the future. We intentionally foster an environment that sends our graduates into the world with self-knowledge, empathy, and the tools they need to define success for themselves.

I appreciate your interest in The Bay School and invite you to continue exploring our website to learn more. I look forward to meeting you.


Luke W. Felker
Head of School

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