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Bay School alumni stories 


Nate Tellis '10Nate Tellis - the bay school - class of 2010 with former dean of faculty Lori Cohen

Nate Tellis graduated from Bay in 2010 and attended McGill University in Montreal, where he studied physics and computer science. 

Currently, Nate serves as a software engineer on the b612 project of the Asteroid Institute; he is working on a map of the solar system. Previously he was the chief technology officer for Rocket CDL, a human resources technology startup he cofounded with fellow Bay alum James Robinson (also Class of 2010). He was also a staff scientist at UC Berkeley’s Department of Astronomy. (Photo: Nate at graduation in 2010 with Bay's former faculty dean Lori Cohen.) 

Nate exemplifies Bay's mission to think broadly and "find your range." 

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Annie Obermeyer '08

Annie Obermeyer was a member of Bay’s first graduating class in 2008. She is currently pursuing a master's degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Annie received her BA from Oberlin College and has worked in theater and culinary arts, all while delving deeply into Zen practice. We were lucky to have her return to co-teach our Shakespeare Immersive in 2021. But the “spine of her life” has been the Zen study and mindfulness work she began as a 9th grader with Bay’s then-chaplain Teah Strozer. Annie trained as a monk at San Francisco Zen Center and has a kind of magic touch with our students. Bay’s Art Department Chair and drama teacher Katherine Riley says, “She had our students meditating in total stillness and silence for 15 minutes—with no instruction—within a week, by their own request.” That is no small feat with high school students in the easiest of times. 

During our conversation, Annie beautifully described how mindfulness can help heal some of the cracks that have opened in the world—and in us—in recent years.

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August Rosedale '18

August Rosedale always liked taking things apart to see how they worked. While a student at Bay, he spent many hours in the Project Center and took all the engineering classes he could with Brad Niven. Now, as a mechanical engineering major in his senior year at Santa Clara University, August is back in the shop, spending a lot of time in the campus’s new STEM building.

The extra time brought by the pandemic took him into the world of artificial intelligence, digital art, and NFTs. It's brought him some unexpected fame and lots of fans, but August keeps it down-to-earth.  

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Jason Nemerovski '14

Jason Nemerovski is in his final year of a master’s program at the Graduate Institute Geneva, where he is developing a specialty in legal and legislative solutions to human trafficking. He is also the co-founder of the Bold Moves Only podcast and website, which features interviews with activists, politicians, small business owners, and others who are making a positive impact in many realms, with the ultimate purpose of teaching listeners how to do the same. Listen and learn:

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Boris Cotom '19

“For years, I have searched for a place to call home. I would have thought that Bay would become home, but instead this school taught me that I am my own oasis and that home is wherever my whole self is.” 

Boris Cotom spoke these words in his graduation speech to The Bay School community in spring 2019. After graduation, he jumped into life at UC Berkeley, where he was pre-med, studying in the School of Public Health, with a minor in journalism. Always thinking across disciplines and about the social impact of his work, he continues to build a place in the world that is true to his whole self. He is now earning his master's degree at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

In addition to his studies, Boris has taught Spanish and anatomy and is working with multiple public-health research teams at Berkeley. 

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