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Student Support

One-on-One Support
Each student works closely with a member of the faculty or administration who serves as their advisor and advocate in academic and personal matters relating to school life. In addition to getting to know each advisee personally, advisors help students with academic scheduling and, in close collaboration with teachers, monitor students’ academic progress. Students meet weekly with their advisor in small groups and are encouraged to schedule private meetings with their advisors as needed. Advisors also serve as an important link between home and school. Parents and guardians are invited to speak with their student’s advisor about any questions or concerns they may have.


Tutorial is The Bay School’s version of office hours – a designated time for students and their teachers to meet. Four afternoons per week, students have the opportunity to sit down with their teachers individually or in small groups to receive academic support and guidance. Also during this time, students can meet with their advisors, work quietly in the library, or schedule meetings with counselors, deans, or learning specialists. No other school activities are scheduled during this tutorial period, so students can focus on the content and organization of their academic workload.


Learning Services
The Learning Services program supports diverse learning styles and makes appropriate accommodations for individuals with diagnosed learning and attention differences. Bay students can excel by developing an understanding of their learning style and the skills of appropriate self-advocacy within a supportive and flexible environment of high expectations.


The Learning Services program provides advice, coaching and referrals for students, parents and guardians. It is your source of information about meta-cognitive skills, effective study and organizational strategies, standardized testing accommodations and the process of evaluating a student for learning differences. Learning specialists also work with faculty members, crafting plans to support students with learning differences within the rigorous academic standards of the school’s college preparatory curriculum.


Bay’s counseling program is an important resource for students, parents, and guardians when social and emotional issues arise. We encourage students, parents, and guardians to meet with the counselor if they have questions about any student’s emotional health. Counseling and information sessions are available to help manage the emotional impact of a crisis on a particular family and on the school as a whole. Bay counselors work with student advisors, deans, and other support staff to ensure that students receive support and referrals to outside resources as needed.

Learning Services Contacts
Courtney DeHoff
Courtney DeHoff
Director of
Learning Services
Alice Rose
Alice Rose
Assistant Director
of Learning Services
Counseling Contact
Suzanne Bernier
Suzanne Bernier
School Counselor