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The Arts

Bay offers a range of classes, including courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, music, drama, digital imaging, electronic music, publication arts and video production. Introductory and advanced courses in each field challenge students to find value in the aesthetic nature of all art forms and to become life-long learners of the skills unique to creating art. Through the process of understanding and appreciating historical and contemporary works of art, students expand their own creative repertoire and gain confidence in their ability to express themselves beyond the studio or stage.

Bay's location in the nation’s largest urban national park uniquely facilitates students’ artistic development. Aside from the Presidio’s natural beauty, its 200+ organizations provide mentors who collaborate with teachers and students to enhance instruction in classes, Immersives and Senior Signature Projects. Displays and performances spill over into Morning Meetings, campus walls, and classes in other disciplines.
"Art in general was something I never really appreciated until I came to Bay. I could never understand why certain splashes of paint, or an off-center photo, were spectacular pieces of work. The more I am exposed in my art elective, the more I can learn about appreciating anything in life, even the simplest things."
- From a student's academic self-reflection