The Bay School Experience

Get to know Bay through the experience of our students and staffulty. 


Bay 101

Bay 101 is a collection of videos about academics at Bay. Just press play to step into our world! 

Math, Science & Engineering

As we've said, the line between question and answer is never straight, but you'll get the tools and skills to find the path.  


Our curriculum and masterful teachers challenge students to question everything, debate ideas, and communicate with clarity and precision.


Working in a collaborative environment and guided by innovative faculty, our students develop their expressive capabilities.

Morning Meeting

We start at least three days a week by gathering together to share our experiences, cheer each other on, laugh, and breathe. Here are a few talks from recent years.

Pilates, Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

Class of 2021 member Esme Krummel shares her experience of pilates, self-love, and self-acceptance during her time at Bay. 


Living with Balance & Joy

Juliana '22 shares three important life lessons that she learned from her favorite childhood television show, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Radical Amazement

Gabi '23 introduces the community to radical amazement and her journey of self-discovery. 

How to Write a Book

Allison '25 shares her experience of writing her very first book. 


Below are a few videos about why and how we practice this at Bay.

One of our alumni, Annie Obermeyer '08 puts it beautifully: Mindfulness "gives you the ability to be with whatever arises, and you have the tools so that you can land in a way that's responsive and responding versus reacting.... In moments of ‘I don't know,’ do you have the skills to find yourself, trust your own voice, and to trust life? If you only have those skills—'I know how to trust myself, and I know how to listen to life and trust life'—no matter what's happening, you can meet it, you can navigate it." 

Introduction to Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness—being aware of what is happening both internally and externally—is central to The Bay School experience. Dean of Students, Mio Tsukamoto Berk introduces you to mindfulness and how we approach it here.

Mindfulness with Lise Shelton

Associate Head of School Lise Shelton reminds us why mindfulness can be useful in times of challenge and stress. Recorded on April 28, 2020.

Mindfulness with Anthony Williams

Guest speaker Anthony Williams, founder of Mindwell, leads the Bay community through the process of creating our own mantra. Recorded on May 7, 2020.