Class of 2021

    Class of 2021 parents and guardians, WELCOME TO BAY

    It's hard to believe that this school year is drawing to a close. As we move into summer, we'll be sending a series of updates so you have the information you need. 
    Please take a look at the Summer Communications Timeline, below, for an outline of the topics we'll cover throughout the next few months. This first update concerns important dates and instructions on how to complete your student's medical records.

    • Important Dates
    • Student Medical Information
    • Website Log-In Instructions
    • Coordinating Carpools
    • Summer Reading and Supplies
    • Athletics and Activities Info
    • Class Schedules
    • Website Information (Post-Login Pages)
    • Register for Advisor Conferences
    • Bus Sign-Ups
    • Orientation Nuts and Bolts
    • Orientation Reminder

    Important Dates 

    Please mark your calendars and keep these dates in mind as you finalize any family plans. (Dates subject to change)
    • June 19: Deadline for all forms submitted through Magnus Health SMR (instructions to come)
    • July 31: Physician’s report due through Magnus Health SMR for all incoming students; please remember to schedule your physical in advance of this deadline.
    • August 14: Fall athletic tryouts begin
    • August 23: 9th-grade student orientation 
    • August 24: Transfer student orientation
    • August 25: Advisor conference day 
    • August 28: First day of classes

    Coordinating Carpools

    We encourage families to coordinate carpools to and from school, and we know that many of you are anxious to begin. To find other families near you, first log-in to your My Bay homepage on our website (Need help? Check out the log-in instructions above). Then, follow the instructions listed here to find other Bay families living near you.
    Contact Administrative Associate Elizabeth Hawley at with questions.

    Magnus Health Registration

    The Bay School uses the Magnus Health Student Medical Record (SMR) system to collect student health information for the upcoming school year. Magnus Health SMR is an easy-to-use, secure website for submitting health information online.

    Parents and guardians may now access their account via the Magnus Health link on their My Bay Homepage (to log-in, please read the website how-to section below). After logging in, your unique link to the Magnus Health Portal can be found on the “Resource Board.”

    After you log into Magnus and take the parent tutorial, you can fill out and submit all of the requested information. You do not have to complete the process all at once, as the program saves your work as you finish a section. In following years, you will simply verify the data and add any new information.

    We ask that you complete this information as soon as possible, but no later than June 19 (with the exception of the Physician's Report, due August 1). Please remember that some forms must be signed by your physician, so allow time for those appointments. Your student’s health record MUST be completed before the first day of school; your student cannot participate in school activities, including athletic practices, orientations, and classes, until his or her health record is complete.

    Please review our Magnus Health FAQ for more information. Contact Registrar Rebecca Blackmer at with questions.

    Website Log-In Instructions

    Our website,, provides an overview of school programs, campus facilities, general contact information and calendars. The homepage also contains regularly updated news and general announcements. You can reach your personal My Bay Homepage by clicking on the light blue "MY BAY" text located underneath the square logo on the left-hand menu.
    Each parent/guardian has a unique username. Your username is your first initial, last name, followed by the last two digits of your student’s graduation year. For example, John Smith (whose daughter Lizzy Smith graduates in 2021) is assigned the username jsmith21.
    Please note, if you are the parent of multiple Bay students, whether current or alumni, remember to use your eldest student's graduation year. If for instance, John Smith also had a student Elliot in the class of 2017, his login would be jsmith17.
    The default password is bayschool123 until changed. After logging in for the first time, the system asks you to choose a personal password. Please update your password and log into the My Bay Homepage as soon as possible to complete your student's medical records.
    Check out a guide to your My Bay Homepage here.
    Contact Registrar Rebecca Blackmer at with questions or difficulties logging in.

    Athletics and Activities Info

    Fall tryouts begin August 14, with the exception of Sailing. Please plan accordingly as this is two weeks prior to the beginning of the school year. Athletes are expected to attend all practices and games, which typically take place five days a week. Athletes may be required to participate in practices or games over holidays and school breaks. Team sports at Bay are highly competitive. Not every student who tries out will receive a place on the team, depending on turnout and roster size limits. Any sport-related questions should be directed to Steve Glass at

    Social Life

    Presidio Walk
    Friday, May 26 from 8:30 -9:45 a.m.
    Please join me and fellow current Bay parents in a welcome walk around the Presidio for the class of 
    2021 parents and guardians. Plan on arriving at school by 8:10 and attend morning meeting and after we'll
    meet in the parking lot across the street from Bay for a walk around the beautiful Presidio. It will be fun to share our Bay experiences with all of you while walking in the Presidio, and special guest Luke Felker will be joining us! Let's hope the weather continues to cooperate.  Dogs on leash are welcome.

    Questions? Feel free to contact Sue Partington. 
    Sue Partington
    PGA President 
    Katie '17
    Christine ‘18

    Bay Ambassadors

    Have a question? Ask one of our student ambassadors! They are ready to answer any question you might have about life at Bay! Just email your inquiry to and include the subject line: Inquiry For:  and the name of the student that you would like to speak with. They will reach out to you with answers and advice!

    Georgina '17
    San Francisco 

    Middle School: Convent Elementary School

    Activities: Volleyball, Soccer, Drama

    Chris '17

    Middle School: Black Pine Circle School

    Activities: Music, rock climbing and Boys Group

    Adam '17
    San Francisco

    Middle School: Cathedral School for Boys 

    Activities: Tennis, Basketball, ASPCA Volunteer

    Parent Ambassadors:
    Want to talk to a Bay parent? Feel free to reach out to one of our Parent Ambassadors. 

    Teresa Pap P'19 (Ring Mountain Day School, Pac Heights)
    Nina Ward  P'19, '18 (Town School for Boys, Richmond)
    Laura Pliska P'19 (Children's Day School, Bernal Heights)
    Kristi Yawata P'18 (Lipman Middle School, South San Francisco)
    Vicki Penny P'18 and '16 (San Francisco Friends School, West Portal)
    Robert Aguirre P'18 (San Francisco Friends School, West Portal)
    Buzz Thompson P'17 (San Francisco Day School, Noe Valley)

    Getting to Bay

    East Bay: Take BART to the Embarcadero or a transbay bus to the Transbay Terminal. From either location, you can board the PresidiGo, a free shuttle to the Presidio. Learn more about the PresidiGo here.

    We are pleased to again offer our Marin bus shuttle, which is only for Bay students. Sign-ups for the bus will begin in mid-August. In addition, Golden Gate Transportation stops near the Palace of Fine Arts, a 10-minute walk from the school.

    Take Caltrain to the Millbrae Station, where you can transfer to BART. Take BART to Embarcadero, then hop on the free PresidiGo Shuttle (see above). Or, you can take Caltrain all the way into San Francisco and take the free Caltrain Connector shuttle to the Transbay Terminal to pick-up the PresidiGo.

    San Francisco: We're excited to announce a new transportation option from the more southern parts of San Francisco to Bay. This year, we will charter a school bus to pick up students who live in neighborhoods like Bernal Heights, Glen Park or Visitacion Valley. The bus stops will be determined by where our students live, so stay tuned until this summer for more information and for sign-ups. In addition, several MUNI bus routes stop near the school; lines 28 and 43 drop you off in the Presidio, while the 41 and 45 lines stop just outside the Presidio at the Lombard Gate.