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Flexible Tuition FAQs

How is the amount of a Flexible Tuition award determined?

Bay’s Flexible Tuition Committee will review each family's financial profile, including income, major assets, special expenses and education costs - all information provided on the PFS form. An independent third party, the School and Student Services (SSS), calculates what each family may be able to contribute toward their student’s independent school education. This recommendation guides but does not bind, The Bay School of San Francisco in making award decisions. All Flexible Tuition decisions are confidential.

Do all families applying for Flexible Tuition receive awards?

As is the case with most independent schools, Bay is unable to provide every family qualifying for an award with Flexible Tuition; thus it is possible that a student may be accepted for admission yet be placed on the waitlist for Flexible Tuition.

What are the guidelines for divorced or separated families?

Parents/guardians who are divorced or separated must each submit their financial information.

Will applying for Flexible Tuition affect my student’s admission decision?

No. Admission decisions are made independently from applications for flexible tuition.

Will my award be renewed each year?

Families are required to apply for Flexible Tuition each year. Flexible Tuition awards are need-based and need must be evaluated annually. A change in your family's financial circumstances may cause your award amount to increase or decrease.

When are applicants notified of their award decision?

Award decisions are provided at the same time as admission notifications. All decisions are mailed via First Class Mail on March 21, 2019, and emailed on March 22, 2019, after 4:00 pm.

If our family receives an award, when and how do we accept the award?

Families who receive a financial award and an offer of admission must notify the Admission Office of their acceptance and return their signed enrollment contracts on or before Thursday, March 28, 2019, noon. Families declining their awards and offers of admission are asked to notify the Admission Office before March 28 so that funding may be redirected to a family on our waiting list.

If our family is waitlisted for an award, what are our options?

If you remain interested in attending Bay with an award, please contact our office immediately to remain on the waiting list.  Regular communication with our office during this period is highly encouraged. Likewise, if you plan to enroll elsewhere please let us know as soon as possible.

Bay presumes that families who apply for flexible tuition will not enroll without an award. If your financial circumstances have changed and you wish to enroll without an award, you are required to do so before the regular enrollment contract deadline of 12:00 noon, March 29, 2019. Before taking this step, you must contact Brooke Wilson Broudy, Director of Admission at or 415-561-5800 ext.171 for more information.