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In the 21st century, technology is no longer a flashy classroom gimmick, nor is it a subject area discrete from other academic disciplines. Preparing our students for a complex and dynamic world means teaching them to use advanced technology in the way adult professionals do: to execute challenging tasks, communicate sophisticated ideas and devise solutions for novel problems. Furthermore, we believe it’s not enough to teach our young adults how to use technology. In the 21st century, students must also consider the social, cultural and political ramifications of its use in order to understand the moral issues surrounding the application of technology.

Bay uses technology to support and enhance learning across all disciplines in the classroom; technology at Bay also fosters communication, collaboration, and creation. As part of our one-to-one laptop program, we issue a laptop to every student - incoming 9th graders will have their choice of a Mac or PC laptop. In every class throughout our curriculum, students complete class work and homework on laptops equipped with the same high-level software found in studios, workshops, and workplaces around the world. If you can do it in your workplace, chances are your child can do it on his or her Bay laptop. In our dual-platform school, these machines are supplemented by our media lab, featuring fully loaded multimedia Mac workstations for use any number of creative endeavors.

Bay students may choose technology-rich elective courses such as:
  • Digital Imaging
  • Video Production
  • Electronic Music Studio
  • Engineering Design
  • Robotics
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Science
Technology also enhances extracurricular programs, which have in recent years undertaken projects including:
  • High-altitude space balloons launched into the stratosphere
  • Award-winning underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • Distributed-processing supercomputer
  • Multimedia digital storytelling
Bay’s MARMOT program allows student leadership in the technological sphere: MARMOT students serve as volunteer assistants in our technology support department, learning network administration and support skills while helping keep Bay’s computers networks running at peak performance levels. 
"Being a MARMOT gives me an opportunity to give back to the community. Being a MARMOT is also fun because you get to learn more about computers, you get to teach people how to use different programs and, even if you’re not technical like myself, you can still play a large part because organization is a huge part of being a MARMOT!"
- Nori '15
Technology Contacts:
Perla Rodriguez
Perla Rodriguez
Director of
Information Technology
Thor Grant
Thor Grant
IT Support Specialist
Kelleigh Trowbridge
Kelleigh Trowbridge
Data Systems Manager