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Real learning takes time. The deep inquiry, sustained investigation of complex problems, and critical, creative thought that are hallmarks of Bay’s academic program have created Bay's daily schedule with 80-minute class blocks. Each semester, students may take 5 courses that meet three times per week, along with two Immersive academic courses. 

Bay's schedule allows students to focus deeply on fewer subjects at a time. More importantly, the 80-minute class blocks allow for the kind of creative teaching and learning we know is most effective for students: field trips, extended experiments, student-initiated projects, in-class writing and research, thoughtful debates and discussions, and design activities and open-ended projects which require students to persist through setbacks and obstacles. 

The schedule also designates time for student-advisor conferences, clubs, and tutorials. The ninth and tenth grade schedule, for example, includes a flex period of monitored study hall several times a week, designed to help Bay's younger students develop and hone time-management skills. Our eleventh and twelfth grade students may choose how to use their flex periods and have meeting times with the college counseling team built into their schedules.