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Mindfulness, Ethics & Spirituality

The Bay School’s mission entails balancing challenging academics with a mindful approach to learning and life. The practice of mindfulness – being aware of what is happening both internally and externally – is crucial to students’ academic and extracurricular experience at The Bay School.

Daily Morning Meetings conclude with a few minutes of silence during which we practice being present – centering ourselves and noticing our own physical and emotional states. By practicing being present at Morning Meeting and throughout the school day, students are better able to focus, forge strong community relationships and learn from their triumphs and failures.
As students learn at Bay, they address ethical questions intentionally woven into the curriculum, Morning Meeting, clubs, and other Bay experiences.
  • What would Plato, Confucius or Kant say about the way we should live as community members?
  • How should we equitably and thoughtfully approach challenges such as global population growth or sovereign debt?
  • How should we balance economic growth with marine protection in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  • What do we mean when we use the word "inclusive?"
By learning a variety of philosophical, religious, creative, and scientific lenses for addressing complex questions and issues, students develop perspectives that are intellectually sophisticated and personally meaningful.
The Bay School recognizes the importance that questions of spirit and practices of faith have played and continue to play in our world. Although not a “religious” school, at The Bay School we seek to understand and value diverse spiritual and religious traditions. We believe that having an understanding of religion as well as its interaction with science, art, and politics are an important part of an educated person’s resources. The study of religion and philosophy is integrated into the required Humanities curriculum, and we offer academic electives in all of the major faith traditions.

Beyond the academic courses, we also honor the roles spirituality and faith play in an individual’s life. We encourage all members of The Bay School community to participate in their religious and spiritual traditions and make every effort for them to do this comfortably. We aid in our community’s awareness of these traditions through Morning Meeting, where faith adherents from both within and outside of the Bay community share their experiences.