The Bay School of San Francisco

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Learning At Bay

Our academic program reflects our commitment to thoughtful inquiry, impassioned creativity, clear communication, skillful collaboration, deliberate skill development, and the consideration of real-world questions. These priorities reflect an emphasis on depth over breadth, require resilience and patience, and bring students face-to-face with difficult questions that often have no simple answers.
Bay students' coursework grows from a skills- and inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach in the ninth and tenth grades to an increasing interplay between the requirements for college admission and the specific interests of each student in grades eleven and twelve. Courses in the first two years provide a solid foundation for the vast array of upper division electives.

Learning is infused with ethics, spirituality, and mindfulness. Mindfulness--being aware of what is happening both internally and externally--is practiced at Morning Meeting four times each week and sets the stage for students to enter their classes with greater patience, focus, and resilience. In addition to humanities courses that include religion and philosophy, students complete a course in religion or philosophy.
Bay School's graduation requirements allow students to meet or exceed admission requirements for the University of California and and virtually all other colleges and universities they may consider.
Learning at Bay