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Hello Bay Alumni Community,
Many of you may remember science teacher, Nettie Kelly. She has taken on an exciting new role: Director of Partnerships. What is that, you ask? The Director of Partnerships will support Bay's new schedule and Immersive program that continues Bay's tradition of real-world learning by getting students and teachers into the community. Read more about Immersives here, and see Nettie's letter below to learn how you too can support Bay's new schedule!


Dear Bay Community,

As you may know, we are very excited to launch The Bay School’s new schedule in the fall of 2018 -- Bay 2.0. The new schedule includes two “Immersive” terms, three-week segments during which students will be enrolled in a single class. This structure gives teachers the flexibility to design courses that adhere to one of our core values -- depth over breadth -- and to enrich courses with project-based learning, interdisciplinary elements and experiential components. In developing these courses, our teachers are focused on stretching outside the comfort of Bay’s walls and collaborating with outside organizations to enhance the learning experience.

My new role, as Director of Partnerships, is to strengthen the network and understanding of the breadth of the Bay community so that collaborations can form to support these exciting new courses. This is where we need your help! The Bay Community is full of well-connected people with a wide variety of interests. Will you share your connections to help develop meaningful experiences for our students? Here are a few ways you can help:


  • Teachers developing Immersive courses have already identified specific space needs, people, organizations and experiences they hope to build into their curriculum. For example the Art Immersive is looking for a warehouse-like space for a studio, the Biotech class is looking for experts as guest speakers and mentors and the Wealth and Poverty course seeks connections with San Francisco non-profits serving the homeless. A detail list follows below. If any of these intersect with your network, please submit your contact information and ideas here and I will follow up with you.
  • There are more courses than those listed below! Take a look at the course descriptions for the inaugural slate of Immersives in the Bay Course Catalog. As you read, if there are areas that your expertise and/or interests connect with and you might be able to make connections for that course, please get in touch.
  • If you are a LinkedIn user, we ask that you “Follow” the The Bay School LinkedIn page. Not only does this increase your own network, but it will provide us with a current snapshot of your professional work and connections.

One of the goals of Immersive courses is for Bay to stretch outside the comfort of its walls and collaborate with outside organizations. As a nine year veteran of the Bay School, I am reminded daily of the generosity of the extended family we call the Bay Community. We would love to be better connected to you and your network. I hope the development of these new courses will provide new and as yet untapped opportunities for further engagement with and among our community members.

Please feel free to email me with ideas and/or submit information here. I look forward to hearing from you!



Nettie Kelly

Director of Partnerships and Science Instructor


COURSES looking for connections:


January Immersives


Course: Everyone has a Story

  • Historian/Docent with specific expertise in the Angel Island Immigration Center.
  • Introduction to contacts at Senior Centers (Asian and Latin focused like Kimochi House or Sunset Senior Center).
  • Attorneys who specializes in Immigration Law.

Course: The Math of Democracy

  • Connections to a member of a redistricting panel that draws district lines for state or local offices at the board of elections.
  • Connections to people running for office post-January 2019.
  • Connections to people working in local government who would be willing to be interviewed by students, sit on a panel, guest speak and/or be visited at their place of work.


Course: Modern American Family

  • Connections to photographers and/or painters that specialize in family portraits and would be willing to guest speak.


Course: Wealth and Poverty in the Bay Area

  • Connections to agencies in the Tenderloin neighborhood doing work directly with the homeless population. We are hoping to create service learning placements for students in this course.
  • Connections to San Francisco politicians, policy makers and non profit organizations that are involved with system-level policy about wealth inequality and homelessness.
  • Meeting spaces (conference rooms, etc.) in or near the Tenderloin/SOMA neighborhoods. This space would be used for 2 to 3 hour class gatherings a few times during the three week course.
  • Guest speakers from agencies that serve low income or homeless populations in the greater Bay Area.


Course: Biotechnology

  • Connections to Bay Area Biotech companies and labs that students could visit on field trips.
  • Experts in the Biotech field interested in guest speaking and/or mentoring student projects.


Course: Filmmaking

  • A somewhat isolated location for shooting a short film from Jan 14 to 18, 2019. For the past few years, Filmmaking was an intersession and generous families have offered second homes. An adaptive space that can be utilized for different indoor scenes, but also have outdoor options and nearby scenic opportunities. Also needed is room for about 14 people to stay overnight, a large enough refrigerator for 4 days of food and an internet connection.


Course: Immersive Art

  • Warehouse space (rustic is fine!) for three weeks in January (Jan 7 to Jan 25) where about 10 students can have their own wall area, table and storage -- in a way their own studio -- so they can take their art to the next level. A place where we could get paint onto the walls/floors, because it is already rough/scrappy. Ideally the space has access to water (bathroom, sinks for clean up) and heat because it will be January.


Course: Engineering 2

  • Connections to companies where engineering is being done in a “real world” setting like design & consultation firms, businesses who design & build and small manufacturing companies. 


May/June Immersives


Course: Uncovering Cultural Bias in America

  • Connections to family, friends, educators or businesses in Twin Falls, ID, Sparks, NV (or nearby), Stockton, CA and/or Winnemucca or McDermitt, NV.


Course: Spanish Immersion in the Bay Area

  • A cooking facility with cooking instruction in Spanish; students would work with cooking instruction for about a week.



Course: Atmospheric Science and Engineering: Launching Near-Space Weather Balloons

  • Contacts with the contractor who launches daily weather balloons for the NWS in Oakland.


Please connect with me via email or submit this form and I will be in touch! Thank you! 
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