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Thomas Price » Bio


Name: Thomas
Graduation Year: 2022
Middle School: The New Village School
Hometown/Neighborhood: Tiburon
Athletics/Activities: Tennis
Why did you choose to attend The Bay School?
Because I value community, and I feel that Bay provides a safe fun and inspirational community.
What has been your favorite class taken at Bay?
I have really enjoyed Drama because I have learned where I can be most helpful. I have had a lot of fun in that class, not only with my peers, but also with my teachers.
What is your favorite part of the Bay community?
The dedication the the students have for their classes and sports.
What has been your most memorable experience at Bay?
Field day because I had a lot of fun in the relay and inclusive environment.
You have successfully completed your first year as a Bay student. Looking back at your year, what would you tell yourself on the first day of school?
Be confident, and be who you are. If you aren't, people will recognize that and not understand you.
What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering Bay?
If you value a strong community and a class that values what they do, and are able to have fun while doing it, I would suggest considering Bay.