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Lila Shamsi » Bio


Name: Lila
Graduation Year: Sophomore
Middle School: Rooftop Alternative School
Hometown/Neighborhood: San Francisco/Twin Peaks
Athletics/Activities: Strength Training
Why did you choose to attend The Bay School?
I chose Bay mainly because I loved the community here. I visited Bay last, and liked all the other schools, but was really torn on where I wanted to go. Then I walked into Bay and instantly felt at home and happy. In my experience, that is such a rare thing to find, so when I found it I knew that Bay was the right school for me.
What has been your favorite class taken at Bay?
My favorite class at Bay has probably been Humanities. It was so different from what I was used to. The class was incredibly engaging, and helped me learn a lot about writing skills and grammar. My teachers in both semesters were amazing at designing lessons so that the class learned a lot about whatever subject we were covering, but were also really interested in the topic.
What is your favorite part of the Bay community?
I really love the fact that we don't have cliques at Bay. People gravitate towards friend groups, but honestly you can hangout with basically everyone. It's really amazing because I haven't seen that at any other schools.
What has been your most memorable experience at Bay?
My most memorable experience at Bay was at the end of freshman year when we had a closing circle. We started by making a time capsule with memories from that year and talking with our advisories about what we had loved during the year. Then the freshman class went to the great room, and we all shared what we had learned that year and what we wanted to do next year. It was a little awkward at first, but I was surprised at how safe I felt to actually share with the class. I knew that I wouldn't be judged, so it was a really great way to close off the year.
You have successfully completed your first year as a Bay student. Looking back at your year, what would you tell yourself on the first day of school?
I would tell myself to try not to worry too much. Looking back, I was so scared that I wouldn't find friends and that school would be too hard. But everything has turned out amazing. I'd tell myself to be open to new things, to not hold on too hard to what I think I should be like, and leave space to just figure that out as I go.
What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering Bay?
Don't be afraid to ask questions. I was so shy on my student visits, and as a result I didn't get that much out of them. People will be more than happy to answer questions, so just take a chance and ask. I promise that it will be really helpful.