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Dee Watkins » Bio


Name: Dee  
Graduation Year: 2022
Middle School: The San Francisco School
Hometown/Neighborhood: Oakland
Athletics/Activities: Basketball, Volleyball, Strength Training
Why did you choose to attend The Bay School?
I chose to attend The Bay School because out of all of the schools, Bay was the most unique. None of the other schools had meditation. I feel like that was the most important factor because you need to be able to set an intention or goal for yourself before the day starts.
What has been your favorite class taken at Bay?
My favorite class at Bay has to be Humanities because I was able to learn more about how to better write my essays and how to properly write evidence for analytical essays.
What is your favorite part of the Bay community?
My favorite part of the Bay community is how welcoming everyone is. Anyone you see in the hallway, even if they don’t know you, will say hi to you. As a freshman last year, I didn’t feel left out or intimidated.
What has been your most memorable experience at Bay?
My most memorable experience at Bay has to be field day, where we walked up to Paul Goode for a jumpy house obstacle course, boba, and various snacks. It was nice to see the whole school outside of an academic setting having fun with friends.
You have successfully completed your first year as a Bay student. Looking back at your year, what would you tell yourself on the first day of school?
On the first day of school, I told myself to be the real you, and if someone doesn’t like you, so be it. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s fine.
What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering Bay?
Make sure you always be the real you so people won’t find out later that you faked your personality to fit in. Just be you!