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Arlo Halpern » Bio


Name: Arlo
Graduation Year: 2019
Middle School: French American International School
Hometown/Neighborhood: San Francisco
Athletics/Activities: Cross Country & Lacrosse


Why did you choose to attend The Bay School?
I really just felt like I belonged here. It was the school at which I felt most welcome, both by my host and other students, and that was really special.


What has been your favorite class taken at Bay?
My favorite class at Bay has been Advanced Seminar: Essay & Memoir. This class really allowed me to experiment with writing, and as such I took risks I would not normally take and was generally pleased with the result. We also got to read some incredible, creative essays, and had the freedom to discuss them openly in whatever way we wished.

What is your favorite part of the Bay community?
I love the fact that, really, anyone is willing to talk to anyone.

How has Bay prepared you for college and life beyond? 
On a purely academic level, Bay has really taught me how to write well. I have learned that essays are not just words thrown on a page with some citations, but rather a carefully crafted and organized piece of writing in which you have the opportunity to change the reader's mind. On another level, Bay has taught me to pursue what I'm passionate about, relentlessly.

What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering Bay?
Think of the whole picture, not just freshman or sophomore year. Your junior year in particular will be an extremely formative year and its important to consider from the beginning.