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Nina Morgenstein » Bio


Name: Nina
Graduation Year: 2021
Middle School: Children's Day School
Hometown/Neighborhood: Cole Valley
Athletics/Activities: Tennis, Rock Climbing

Why did you choose to attend The Bay School?
I chose Bay because I could see it was the school with the most supportive community, and because it's very obvious how much the teachers and faculty care about the students.

What has been your favorite class taken at Bay?
My favorite class at Bay is my Spanish class. The classroom environment is so encouraging that I quickly started to love learning and speaking the language. I feel so excited that soon I will be able to go to a Spanish speaking country and speak to the people there without needing an English to Spanish dictionary!

What is your favorite part of the Bay community?
My favorite part of the community is all of the activities that we do together like Bay Day, The Bay Olympics, and other random activities that make the school days more fun.

What has been your most memorable experience at Bay?
My most memorable experience at Bay was during the 12 days leading up to Christmas / Winter Break. Bay has a tradition to sing 'The 12 Days of Solstice' on the days leading up to Christmas instead of whatever the original song is. The song has Bay related concepts in it, and it is a funny song to sing with the whole community.
What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering Bay?
Don't stress and know that your teachers are there to help you.