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In classes focused on photography and digital arts, students operate cameras, manipulate images and place them in layouts and produce their own yearbook and films. Teachers guide them in controlling the mechanics of their equipment and software and creating balanced compositions. In classes such as Video Production, students learn to work well as independent artists and as production team members.

Electronic Music Studio is Bay's two-semester music production and audio engineering program. The first half of the course focuses on the fundamentals of sound, production, and engineering, as well as the history of various genres of electronic music. In the second half of the course, students hone their production and mixing skills and learn how to master and setup/configure a home studio. Throughout both terms, students use Logic and Reason as their primary digital audio workstation software applications. Upon completion of the program, students’ work is published in the form of an album. Listen to the albums created, produced and mixed by Bay students here.
Kinetic Typography Projects
Students in Bay's Advanced Projects in Digital Arts class created kinetic typography videos. Check out a few of these wonderful projects below.