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The Annual Fund

100% Participation by Every Family Every Year

The Annual Fund is The Bay School’s primary fundraising focus. Each year, every Bay family is asked to make a gift to the Annual Fund. Because tuition represents approximately 92 percent of the program costs required to educate Bay students, gifts to this yearly appeal supplement Bay’s operating budget, supporting Bay’s exceptional educational and exploratory programs, faculty, and students.

Each fall, all Bay families are contacted by Bay's parent volunteers. Gifts to the Annual Fund have ranged from $10 to $100,000. We ask that Bay families make The Bay School Annual Fund a philanthropic priority, and we seek to have 100% participation every year from our Board of Trustees, staffulty, and parents. Every gift makes an impact, supporting exceptional teaching and learning in the academic year it is given. Whole-community participation in the Annual Fund sustains and elevates the dynamic culture that defines Bay, providing equitable and inclusive opportunities for all Bay students. For more information, please see Bay's Annual Fund FAQs. 

Thank you for your generosity and a special thank you to the dedicated parents and trustees* serving on our Annual Fund Committee:

Sasha Soheili and Art Fletcher, Co-Chairs

Suzanne Andrews, Marian Baldauf*, Ramsay Behnam, Lora Blum*, Bari Cessna, Julie Chaiken, Patti Chang, Anne Dickerson*, Jonathan Feldman, Jim Finberg, Laura Fraser, Steve Grossmann, Kiko Guedez*, Anne Harper*, Mary Hibbard, Steve Hibbard*, Annette Hurst, Kristine Klussman, Melissa Lee, Noelle Lee, Rich Levine*, Frank Middleton, Julie Moyne*, Maryam Muduroglu*, Margot Northover, Michael Northover, Kathleen Patterson*, Amy Ramsey, John Rumsey*, Bill Rusitzky, Sheila Schroeder, Barb Shipley, Taylor Walker, Andy Young, Mylien Yuan, Victoria Zaroff

For more information or questions about giving, please do not hesitate to contact Lynda Sanjurjo-Rutter, Director of Advancement at or 415-561-5800, ext. 102.

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We would like to acknowledge and thank those current Bay families who have given or pledged to the Annual Fund.
Anonymous (6), Lisa Fung and Robert Aguirre, Amy and Ben Alamar, Deb and Chris Albinson, Claire and Eric Alt, Mitra Modarressi and Greg Amundson, Kim and Bret Andrews, Lisa and John Aquino, Grace Shin and Chris Baker, Marian & Hans Baldauf *, Simone and Jed Bargen, Jim Bartel, Suzanne Benson and Laura Chapman, Theresa Kolish and Jeff Bergin, Stefany Glass and Zach Berkowitz, Sonia Daccarett and Alex Bernstein, Lora Blum and Steve Cooper *, Jody and Alan Burr, Lori and John Butler, Shigeko Yamaguchi and James Butler, Julie Chaiken, Patti Chang and Linda Sikaffy, Gwen Hinze and Ernie Chow, Laura Clark, Heather Pelant and David Clausen, Sarah and Sandy Crockett, Tamar Seiver and John D'Amico, Stephanie Dawson, The DeFoor Family, Kristine and Darin Delagnes, Tharuna Niranjan and Ven Deshpande, Anne Dickerson Lind*, Harley and Paul Dubois, Molly Dwyer & Susan Barnett, Elisa and Martin Edwards, Marianne Emblad, Andrea and Daniel Elkort, Sylvie Elliott, Valerie and Kevin Erdman, Rachel Ezirim, James and Holley Farrell, Kimberly Fay, Lisa Lougee and Jonathan Feldman, Luke Felker*, Melanie Piech and Jim Finberg, Jackie and Art Fletcher, Sandra Suzaki and Kell Fujimoto, Jessica and Stephen Galloway, Dora Rodriguez and Teodoro Gonzalez, Lynne and Kiko Guedez*, Colleen and Hunter Hancock, Roger Hansen and Courtney Damkroger, Lisa Henderson, Mary and Steve Hibbard*, Jing Wong Hill and Don Hill, Christine and Richard Hung, Cory and Mark Jamison, Anne Ellis and John Kalucki, Jessica and Kirk Kaludis, Sarah Malarkey and Jonathan Kaplan, Albina and Matt Kehoe, Joanne and Tip Kim, Wendy Fountain and Donald Klingbeil, Victoria Kozel and Igor Kozel, Susan and William Krenz, Sarah McCourt and Alex Kryska, Rob Williams and Rick Kuno, Andra and Alec Lakowsky, Barb Shipley and Paul Lamoreux, Donna Rogers-Lawrence and David Lawrence, Shernice Lazare, Cynthia and Michael Leavitt, Melissa and Jae Lee, Sally Lee, Nancy and Rich Levine*, Louise Barnes and Peter Linehan, Katie Bradley and Michael Litter, Amy Chan and Gilman Louie, Elizabeth and Patrick Malkassian, Jamie and Vahe Mamikunian, Darlene Mann & Clifford Reid*, Quimby and John Margaretten, John Matheny, Linda and Pete Mathews, Susie Kinkead and Jerry McMahon, Mei Xu and Bill Melton, Crystal Miks, Courtney and Jon-Paul Momsen, Patricia and Leonard Montgomery, Ping and Marius Moscovici, David and Julie Moyne*, Maryam & Oran Muduroglu*, Alicia Hasbun and Fernando Navarro, Laurie and Mike Nelson, Ngoc Anh Tran and Thanh Nguyen, Laura and Anderson Page, Virginia and Andrews Paik*, Jenee Palmer *, Kathleen Patterson & Joe Boboschi *, Fletcher Payne *, Gina and Stuart Peterson, Orly and Mark Petri, Sheila Schroeder and Jason Phillips, David Pollak, Sally and Rassan Queen, Kristin Rains, Amy and James Ramsay, Kelle Young and Arvind Rajan, Cindy Palumbo and Bruce Randall, Rachel Ratliff, Leah and Arnold Rauch, The Regier Family, Jennifer Rhodes, Amy and Gordon Ritter, Kristen Kadner and Brian Roddy, John Rumsey & Lisa Bransten*, Cathy Manshel and Bill Rusitzky, Kerryn and Joel Schwarz, Stephanie Sears*, Andrea Leszek and Ali Shamsi, Blair and Rick Shane, Sharon Wang and Peter Shiau, Catherine and Mark Slavonia, Silvia and Ed Sobral, Sasha and Ramin Soheili, Willow Radcliffe and Brian Stadmiller, Sarah Smith and Paul Stein, Maggie and Douglas Stevenson, Ed Swanson and Paul Herman, Kimberly and Robert Tirva, Kazz Regelman and Anthony Trask, Sarah and Ken Trauner, Bridget O'Rourke and Jeff Tucker, Elena Shaftan and Hans Ullmark, Adora Fong and Alvin Ung, Jane Uyeda and Patrick Foy, Linda and Robbie Vann-Adibe, Marina Stepanova and Boris Vayn, Monica Ruiz-Noriega and Eduardo Vergara, Jane Timberlake and Taylor Walker, David Curley and Lilian Wan*, Jacquelyn and Gideon Weil, Rich Wendling and Wendy Hayward Wendling, Miriam Geller and Terri Westerlund, Elyse Wolland, Jeannette and Adam Woodbury, Laura Fraser and Andy Young, Mylien and Michael Yuan, Victoria and Jonathan Zaroff

*Indicates a member of the Board of Trustees