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Advanced Study & the AP Question

The Bay School is committed to offering a broad range of highly challenging advanced elective courses in all disciplines. These advanced courses feature a greater degree of student autonomy and self-directed study, in tandem with the demand for more sophistication of thought, more complex analysis, and more far-reaching synthesis.

Advanced Placement curricula typically prescribe a course of study that prevents the depth of exploration, inquiry, creation, analysis and application of knowledge in complex, real-world contexts that are the hallmarks of academic rigor in a Bay education. In recognition of this, Bay has, since the school’s founding, been among a vanguard of schools nationwide that have chosen to define their college-level advanced electives in ways other than the AP system. Colleges and universities throughout the U.S., including the University of California, have found our upper-level electives to be remarkable in their sophistication and commonly give many of these courses the same weight as AP courses in the application process.

Although we do not offer AP courses, a number of Bay students each year successfully prepare for and take AP exams in a variety of subject areas, committing themselves to additional study and preparation outside the normal school day. Bay students who earn high marks on the AP exams are able to earn course credit at those colleges and universities which participate in the AP system.