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Advanced Study & the AP Question

The Bay School challenges students through advanced electives in all disciplines, with Honors options for select courses. Expressions of Bay's depth-over-breadth approach, these courses are rigorous, cultivate synthesis and analysis, demand authentic inquiry, and emphasize examination of the most pressing global issues of the 21st century. 
Upper division electives, including some Honors courses, are similar to college-level courses in their content and complexity. Colleges and universities across the nation, including the University California, consider Bay's upper division electives distinctive in their sophistication and commonly give them the same weight as AP courses in the college application process.

Bay does not offer AP courses and is a proud leader in a rapidly-growing national movement away from the AP system; the prescribed curricula of AP courses limits the depth of exploration and creative inquiry on which we pride ourselves. However, a number of Bay students each year successfully prepare for and take AP exams in a variety of subject areas, committing themselves to additional study and preparation outside the normal school day. Bay students who earn high marks on the AP exams are able to earn course credit at those colleges and universities which participate in the AP system.