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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At The Bay School, we seek to ensure that our students have the skills, knowledge and abilities to examine unquestioned assumptions about the world and self, to listen and engage with respect and empathy, and to make a meaningful impact in their communities and the world. We also acknowledge that our practices are dynamic and that the work of building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community is – and always should be – an ongoing process. 

Institutional Commitment Bay's Board of Trustees and staffulty have ensured Diversity is a key component of our Strategic Plan and have adopted a formal statement clarifying Bay's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Bay's Precepts likewise ask each member of the Bay community to attend to our perceptions and actions. Mindfulness practice, which the whole community engages in four days each week at Morning Meeting, helps to strengthen empathy and awareness, both of which are key in strengthening an inclusive mindset and culture.
In and Beyond the Classroom Whether in Bay classrooms, on the stage, or on the court or field, staffulty intentionally teach that variety and difference help us achieve more creative, sophisticated work and solutions to challenges. Course offerings, and project-based, interdisciplinary, experiential approaches to subjects, provide students with learning that helps students consider diverse perspectives and approaches to solving challenges. Student leadership opportunities, clubs, and academic electives provide Bay students with opportunities to learn about and engage with their layered identities and interests those of others. Staffulty attend conferences and professional development focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion and, like their student counterparts, enjoy peer relationships and affinity groups to enhance self-awareness and support around building an inclusive school community.
Inclusive Support Among the many ways students experience inclusion at Bay is through the learning tools and services included in Bay tuition. At Bay, every student is offered the same laptop computer, multi-course lunch, with the costs for special learning experiences and SAT test preparation covered. When learning opportunities such as these are offered for additional fees, they create unintended inequity. Bay has been mindful to ensure every students' learning needs are met.