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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

"Diversity is important in the classroom because it allows students to see that they are part of an increasingly complex world, which begins with their own experiences. We need to understand the factors that contribute to difference related to race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, religion (and other identifying markers) so we can better understand both society as it is and ways we can work towards equality of opportunity for everyone. When we learn about and focus on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, our classroom and community experiences are grounded in a real-world context — making learning authentic and purposeful at The Bay School."
- Humanities Instructor Lori Cohen

On Diversity at Bay
At The Bay School, we believe diversity (of perspective, experience, background) is essential to an education that prepares students both for today and for the future. Diversity challenges, teaches and enriches each of us. Understanding that, we do not measure diversity simply in numerical terms: diversity is an ongoing goal and way of being.

Diversity is experienced in Bay classrooms as well as on the stage and athletic fields, where variety and difference help us achieve creative, ethical solutions and more sophisticated understandings. Diversity is experienced in clubs and academic electives which reflect the breadth of student interest. Diversity is experienced through our precepts which ask each of us to attend to our perceptions and actions. Moreover, diversity goes hand in hand with equity and inclusion. We provide all of our students, staff and faculty with the same laptop computer, multi-course lunch and opportunities to participate in activities like Intersession and SAT test prep. Issues of equity and inclusion are woven through the co-curriculum, the academic curriculum and staff and faculty professional in-service days; they are always part of our institutional conversations.

As a community, we are always working to ensure that every member – student, faculty, staff, parent and guardian – feels seen, heard and valued. Ours is not a school where you have to fit in; The Bay School is who you are.