Pursue Your Passions

    Want to make friends and discover new passions? Whether you’re planning a party as part of the Social Events Club or performing in Jazz Club, you’re sure to connect with students and teachers, explore what you love and love who you become. A majority of students participate in one or more club organizations.

    Clubs meet during the academic day each week, but they may also meet on evenings and weekends. Students run their own clubs and start new ones; they receive support from a staffulty member who serves as an advisor and mentor.
    Arts Beyond the Classroom
    Service Learning
    Sample Clubs and Activities
    Black Student Union 
    China Care Club
    Community Service in Action Club
    Cosmic Ray Supercomputer Club
    Eco Club
    Engineering/Maker/ROV Club
    Fantasy Gaming Club
    Improv Club
    International Aid Club
    Lit Mag
    Model United Nations
    Olympic Committee
    Outings Club
    Queer-Straight Alliance
    Soccer Club
    Social Events
    School Life Committee (SLC)
    Social Events Club
    Space Club
    Unity Club
    Wellness Club
    Unity Club