College Counseling

    The college counseling program at Bay empowers students to calmly, thoughtfully and competently navigate the many stages of the college application and enrollment process preceding one of the first significant life decisions that students will make and own for themselves.
    Using state-of-the-art resources, students and their families work with the College Counseling Office to consider their values, interests and needs, research which colleges and universities at home and abroad may fit those criteria and then evaluate how their own credentials position them for admission. In addition to regular individual and small group meetings, and traditional print and internet resources, The Bay School utilizes web-based technology from Naviance, the most comprehensive database available for college research, to create an open and transparent link between the college counseling office, the student and his or her family.
    Director of College Counseling Dorothy Jones 
    Assistant Director of College Counseling Mio Berk
    College Counselor Gina Meneni

    If you are a college representative and interested in scheduling a visit to The Bay School to meet with our students, please schedule through
    Acceptances and Matriculations